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Posted on: 4th Dec 2023

Andusia signs new contract with TJ Waste & Recycling Limited

Andusia has signed a contract with a new partner, TJ Waste & Recycling Limited, as it continues to expand its operations into the south east of England.

The agreement will see up to 10,000 tonnes of loose RDF exported from TJ’s Southampton site to EfW facilities in Germany over a 12-month period. The waste will be recovered and used to provide electricity and heating to local communities and businesses.


Posted on: 29th Nov 2023

The CO2 tax – what does it mean for you?

Next year a new CO2 tax on energy recovery is set to be introduced in Germany. The levy, which will be imposed on emissions from incinerators, will eventually be rolled out across Europe, but in the short-term we expect waste flow dynamics to change as the market responds to this new development.

Early indications suggest the tax will be priced at €18.98 per tonne for refuse-derived fuel (RDF) type feedstocks. While the full CO2 tax will be €40 per tonne overall, it will vary depending on certain factors such as calorific value and the amount of biogenic content in the waste.


Posted on: 16th Nov 2023

Andusia supports forthcoming waste broker reforms

Andusia welcomes the recent announcement by Defra on reforms to the waste carriers, brokers and dealers (CBD) registration system in England, and we look forward to seeing the proposals taken forward.

We believe the reforms, which seek to tighten existing regulation to help combat illegal activities such as fly-tipping, are much-needed as the current system makes it hard for regulators like the Environment Agency to target high risk waste operators properly.


Posted on: 7th Nov 2023

Andusia hails record year for RDF exports

At Andusia, we are delighted to report that we are on track for our busiest and biggest export year ever! By the end of 2023, we will have exported more than 300,000 tonnes of RDF to customers in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Holland as we continue to broaden and strengthen our reach into European markets.

Since the lifting of lockdown restrictions, Andusia has experienced accelerated growth. In 2022, we exported 210,000 tonnes of RDF and are set to increase that tonnage by more than 50% 12 months on. We have also seen a 25% uplift in the last quarter this year, and this is set to increase further into 2024.

Posted on: 24th Oct 2023

Maddie Celebrates 8 Years at Andusia!

Andusia would like to congratulate and thank Maddie Goodyear, Assistant Accountant, for her 8 years of service at Andusia! This is a fantastic achievement for Maddie and we are all extremely proud of the progress and development she has made over the years.

Maddie joined Andusia fresh out of secondary school at the young age of 16, and has displayed pure dedication and drive to be where she is now. Maddie has spent many years studying for various qualifications to improve her professional skill set. Most recently, Maddie has been studying for her Level 4 AAT qualification which we are supporting her all the way!

Posted on: 18th Oct 2023

Mark Analyses Market Conditions Following a Trip to Europe

Last week, Mark Terrell, Director at Andusia, took a trip to visit various partners and facilities across Europe. However, the changes in the market didn’t go unnoticed. Mark reflects on his trip and shares the most prominent differences versus last year’s conditions, whilst sharing knowledge on what could lie ahead for the market.