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Posted on: 28th Mar 2023

Andusia Partner With East Coast Waste

Continuing our busy start to 2023, Andusia are happy to announce they have recently signed a contract with a new RDF supply partner, Norfolk-based, East Coast Waste (ECW).

The collaboration will see 10,000 tonnes of RDF exported from ECW’s Great Yarmouth base to an EfW facility in Germany, over a 12-month period. The waste will be recovered and used to provide electricity and heating to the local area, whilst also avoiding UK landfill.


Posted on: 16th Mar 2023

Celebrating Chris May’s 10 Years of Service

Andusia would like to wish a Happy 10th Anniversary to Operations Director, Chris May. Chris joined the company back in April 2013, previously having worked in the waste industry for Wastelink, Cleanaway and OCS.

As the longest standing member of the Andusia team he has seen the company grow from strength to strength in his ten years of service. From expanding the Andusia team, to winning a Queen’s Award and developing the UK market to more recent expansions moving into wood waste and adding loose waste and bulk shipping services to our offering, Chris really has seen it all!


Posted on: 7th Mar 2023

Landfill Tax Hits the Hundreds For the First Time

As every year, next month will see landfill tax increase in line with the Retail Price Index, reaching the hundreds for the first time.

In April, landfill tax will rise from £98.60 to £102.10 per tonne. Moreover, taking site gate fees and transport into consideration, sending waste to landfill is a very unappealing prospect for those in the industry.


Posted on: 23rd Feb 2023

Andusia Explore CK International’s Bale & Wrap Technology

It isn’t long now till landfill tax will hit the hundreds. In April, landfill tax will increase to £102.10 per tonne, on top of this, taking site gate fees and transport into consideration –landfill is an extremely unattractive prospect for those in waste management.

Furthermore, with the EA’s recent ban on POP-contaminated waste going to landfill, instead being destroyed through RDF incineration, it might be time to contemplate investment in baling and wrapping machinery. Thus, exporting your waste as RDF for recovery at EfW plants across Europe. (more…)

Posted on: 16th Feb 2023

Andusia Celebrate 11 Years in Industry

This month Andusia are celebrating their 11th anniversary. Andusia are also pleased to report that this month sees the company’s export total hit the 1.9 million tonne mark. A result achieved through sending on average 5,000 tonnes of RDF, SRF and waste wood a week, for recovery.

Fun fact, that is enough RDF bales, that end-to-end, would stretch 12 times around the M25 and equates to the weight of 9,500 blue whales!


Posted on: 13th Feb 2023

Andusia Welcome a New Face

We are pleased to introduce a new face to the ever-growing Andusia team. We welcome Hannah Winterton as Operations Administrator.