Andusia News

Posted on: 25th Oct 2021

Andusia are Powered by Solar

We are going solar! Last week Andusia made their next big move into being as green as can be and have had solar panels installed to provide all the energy needed to power the head office and more!

Our installers at Solar Panels Cambs Ltd squeezed 70 Hyundai 400Wp panels onto the roof of our new office, resulting in a total system size of 28kWp. Based on the orientation of the panels and inclination from the horizontal positioning they will produce approximately 22320 kilowatt-hours (kWhr) of electricity every year of their anticipated 25 – 30 year life- that’s a lot of energy!


Posted on: 13th Oct 2021

The Benefits of Bulk Shipping for the Waste Industry

Over the past 9 years, Andusia have established themselves as the UK’s largest independent exporter of RDF waste across Europe. Historically, Andusia has always provided a baled and wrapped delivery service in curtain-siders and containers but in 2019 the company expanded their offerings and added bulk shipping to their logistics portfolio. But what are the benefits and why do we promote it?


Posted on: 5th Oct 2021

The Waste Industry Experiences Further Logistical Challenges

Across the UK pressures from the pandemic and Brexit are impacting significantly on many business areas, and logistics is no exception. With the combination of increasing driver shortage and waste levels continuing to rise, UK hauliers are experiencing increasing pressures to meet the needs of their fleet requirements. Not to mention, the concerns surrounding fuel supplies across the UK which is adding to the fire. Andusia have experienced the effects of the shortages first-hand and share their perspective.


Posted on: 20th Sep 2021

We ‘Step it up’ to celebrate Recycle Week 2021

Andusia ‘Step it up’ to celebrate Recycle Week 2021

This week we are celebrating Recycle Week 2021. This flagship event celebrates the nations recycling efforts, addresses climate issues, and unites brands, retailers, waste management companies, governments, and many more to encourage the public to recycle in the right way, more often!

Climate change can be a tricky subject to address, however this year’s message of ‘Step it up’ encourages conversation the make bigger and better contributions to beating the crisis. As the last 18 months have proven, some things are out of our control, however climate change is one, that with collaborative efforts, can be actively avoided.


Posted on: 8th Sep 2021

Andusia Export 1.6 million tonnes

Andusia are pleased to report they have now exported just over 1.6 million tonnes of RDF and SRF in their 9 and a half years in industry. This waste has not only been diverted from UK landfill but has generated electricity and heat for local residents in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Some of the waste has also been used in the manufacture of cement.


Posted on: 7th Sep 2021

We are off to Sweden!

Andusia are happy to report that the first bulk shipment to Sweden under a new contract was loaded on Thursday 12th August.

This trial shipment represents the first movement of new business as it exported 3100 tonnes of RDF from Chatham Docks to Sweden. With Andusia acting as the aggregator for the movement, this deal confirms the first RDF export of many to the new location.