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Posted on: 8th Sep 2020

Keep Infectious Waste Local

Never before has it been so vital to dispose of infectious waste responsibly. In addition to the safety risks presented from moving clinical waste long distance overseas and the added approvals required, there is also a significant cost, both direct and indirect.

Why not dispose of clinical waste locally in the UK, where there IS capacity? Andusia is sole supplier to a UK based facility, opening next month.


Posted on: 6th Aug 2020

Andusia Welcome New Commercial Director

Andusia is pleased to welcome Simon Little to their team as new Commercial Director.

Simon joins Andusia with a wealth of knowledge about the waste industry following over 15 years in the sector. Starting out as Sales Manager for the South division of the Waste Recycling Group before moving to family-owned Powerday for 10 years as Sales and Marketing Director, responsible for customer relationships and business growth. Most recently he was Commercial Director at Cory Riverside Energy before joining Andusia.


Posted on: 23rd Jun 2020

How the Covid-19 Lockdown Has Affected Waste

Since the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown began, back in March (yes, it was that long ago!), businesses and individuals have all had to adjust to a new ‘normal’, impacting most industries in some way, including the waste industry.

At the beginning of the pandemic, regardless of the waste sector receiving key worker status, waste services were disrupted due to social distancing and staff absences. At one point they faced an average 20% reduction in workforce, according to a survey carried out by ADEPT (the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport), published on 3rd April. Despite this, residual and recycling waste collections managed to continue as normal on the most part.


Posted on: 18th Jun 2020

Wales to be Zero Waste by 2050

Wales aims to become a zero waste nation by 2050. Already a global leader in how they manage waste and recycle, the Welsh Government have set out eight targets in a document called ‘Beyond Recycling’ to help meet this goal.


Posted on: 17th Mar 2020

No Change to RDF Exports

Andusia would like to take the opportunity to assure you that whilst borders in Europe are closing in light of the ongoing Coronavirus, trade is still moving – including RDF. Currently there are no restrictions of this nature and it is business as usual.


Posted on: 9th Mar 2020

Swedish EfW Tax this April

Last December, the Swedish Government approved plans to introduce a 75Kr (£6) per tonne tax on waste imported from the UK, effective from 1st April 2020. This tax will rise by a further £3 in both 2021 and 2022.

The tax on waste that is burnt was passed by Riksdag (Swedish parliament) in order for Sweden to achieve national climate targets.