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Posted on: 16th Jul 2019

Spreading the risk with an aggregator

Andusia have been in the EfW export business from the beginning. Establishing themselves as the number one independent waste aggregator, achieving a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2016. An aggregators strength is their ability to pull waste from a number of different sources, spreading risk of supply and enabling best value.

The value of aggregators was highlighted in ENDS waste and bioenergy’s recent article entitled ‘Gate fees will push EfW growth’. Discussing how UK EfW plants will play an increasing role in the UK’s energy mix, the article went on to look at the difficulties faced by developers of new EfW projects and how subsequently aggregators are the perfect solution to the fuel supply risk.


Posted on: 9th Jul 2019

Andusia on Dutch Tax Proposals

Last week, the Dutch Government proposed a new tax with the aim of reducing carbon emissions: an RDF import tax of €30 per tonne, expected to be introduced in January 2020. The Netherlands is the largest off-taker of UK waste in mainland Europe and took in a total of 1.3 million tonnes of material from the UK in 2018 alone. The Dutch Government estimates that as much as 25% of the waste processed in the country’s EfW plants comes from outside the country.

After the announcement, Andusia Director, Steve Burton commented that incineration groups in both the Netherlands and across Europe were “lobbying hard” for this not to happen.


Posted on: 8th Jul 2019

Maddie promoted to Assistant Accountant

Andusia is pleased to announce that Maddie Goodyear has recently been promoted to Assistant Accountant.


maddie goodyear

Posted on: 17th Jun 2019

The Effect of China’s Plastic Ban on EfW Plants

Where does recyclable waste such as paper, glass, aluminium and plastic go? On the most part it gets sorted at a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF’s) then gets sold on to processing companies that pulp or melt them down, back into raw materials to be used again in manufacturing.

Three years ago, two-thirds of the UK’s unwanted plastic, sent to processing plants abroad went to China; totalling half a million tonnes. But then, in January 2018, National Sword happened.


Posted on: 10th Jun 2019

Andusia Explains Hazardous Waste

Waste is classified as hazardous if it presents a hazard to the environment or health. This includes things like irritants, oxidisers, corrosives, mutagenic, explosive, infectious, flammable, carcinogenic, toxic and ecotoxic. There are others, but these are the main categories. Contact Andusia for firm advice on your specific waste streams.


Posted on: 6th Jun 2019

Andusia Sign Clinical Waste Contract with Medisort

Andusia Hazchem Treatment is delighted to announce they have signed their first clinical waste contract with Medisort Healthcare Waste Solutions.