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Posted on: 23rd May 2019

Andusia Discuss the Capacity Gap

There is undeniably a capacity deficit, or ‘gap’, between waste needing treatment and available capacity to treat said waste in the UK. Landfill sites are closing at a fast rate and existing UK Energy from Waste (EfW) plants are full to capacity; hence the need to export. Over the next five years, we’ll only see more of a shortage in vital waste treatment facilities being built in the UK. Andusia explores…


Posted on: 21st May 2019

Malvern Update – May 2019

Work has now started on developing the existing Malvern plant. Here is what has happened in the past couple of months…


Posted on: 18th Apr 2019

Meet Andusia at Lets Recycle Live

The Andusia team will be attending this year’s Lets Recycle Live event in Coventry on 22ndand 23rdMay. Directors, Steve Burton, Stewart Brackenbury and Mark Terrell will be attending the event, alongside Commercial Manager Chris May and our Hazardous Waste Manager, Fraser Cutting.


Posted on: 9th Apr 2019

Andusia Sole Supplier for New Clinical Waste Plant in Malvern

Andusia Hazchem Treatment Ltd are pleased to announce that they have been confirmed as the sole waste supplier to a new clinical waste treatment plant in Worcestershire.

The new plant, which is being developed in an existing, retired plant in Malvern, is the first of its kind to be built in the UK in the last decade and is one of four planned in the next few years.

From January 2020, Andusia will be supplying 40,000 tonnes of hazardous and clinical waste for high temperature treatment under a 5 year deal. This method of disposal offers a high level of safety and security for clinical and hazardous waste and minimises environmental impact. Heat produced in the incineration process creates steam which can then be used to power turbines, generating electricity.


Posted on: 8th Apr 2019

Andusia RDF Bales Stretch To It’s (Almost!) Namesake – Andalusia

At the end of last year, Andusia reported they had exported enough RDF bales, that end-to-end, would stretch from London to Rome. Now, three months on, Andusia’s RDF exports have stretched even further to the region of Andalusia in Spain. The origin of Andusia’s company name.


Posted on: 4th Apr 2019

Andusia’s Fraser at NPAG’s Waste Management Group in May

Andusia’s Hazardous Waste Manager, Fraser Cutting, will be discussing clinical waste at NPAG’s next group meeting on 2ndMay, 11am. Taking place at Jury’s Inn in Birmingham, Fraser’s presentation entitled ‘Clinical Waste, and everything you were afraid to ask’ – is just that, an informative presentation on all things clinical waste.

The NPAG Waste Management BVG is a long established and very successful group of Waste Managers and specialists from across the NHS. The group offers a welcoming environment to raise issues that members face daily, discuss experiences, offer solutions and initiatives, and overall to support each other in the complex task of waste disposal in healthcare.