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Posted on: 5th Apr 2018

Another Landfill Tax Increase in April 2018

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”Benjamin Franklin

In 1996 Landfill Tax was introduced in Britain, and ever since then it has only ever increased. On the 8thMarch 2017, the Treasury announced that it would once again be increasing landfill tax. As of the 1stApril 2018, landfill tax will increase by £2.85, from £86.10/tonne to £88.95/tonne. Andusia is able to help you avoid such landfill tax prices by taking your waste off your hands and sending it to Europe for energy recovery, contact us today to discuss your requirements. (more…)

Landfill Tax March 18

Posted on: 9th Mar 2018

What effect will Brexit and uncertain exchange rates have on the RDF Market?

With Brexit still in the negotiation stage, there are many people across the waste sector who still see a perceived risk to the RDF industry. Brexit, along with uncertain exchange rates and other factors are on all our minds, which is why Mark Terrell, General Manager at Andusia, decided to tackle these issues at the annual industry event, Energy from Waste Conference in London.

The main issue with Brexit is that until the final terms are agreed we are unaware of the full implications it may have on the RDF export market. One thing we must remember though is that there will still be a demand for waste; European WTE plants will still need waste and we are still short of treatment capacity in the UK for many year to come. (more…)


Posted on: 1st Mar 2018

Did you miss this week’s Energy from Waste Conference?

This week Andusia’s General Manger, Mark Terrell, presented at the annual Energy from Waste Conference in London.

The popular industry event, now in its 14th year, is the leading conference in Europe driving discussion, best practice and compliance in the energy from waste sector. (more…)

EfW Conference

Posted on: 15th Jan 2018

Andusia Investigate China’s Waste Plastic Restrictions

As China announce they are restricting waste plastic imports from across the world, Andusia investigate the bigger impact this will have on the waste industry and the steps that could be taken to tackle this.

The UK, and many other countries across the world, are facing a plastic epidemic following the recent announcement by China that they will restricting imported waste plastics for recycling. This news means that the world now has millions of tonnes of plastics with no secure recycling outlet.  (more…)

China's plastic waste ban

Posted on: 12th Dec 2017

Andusia on Brexit and the RDF Market

With Brexit trade agreements still in negotiation, last week The House of Lords’ EU and Environment sub-committee chairman, Lord Teverson, wrote to the Defra Minister, Theresa Coffey, requesting clarity over the post-Brexit arrangements for waste and recycling.

The UK Government have published its plans for Brexit and have outlined its intention to transfer the current environmental EU regulations into UK law.  However, depending on the deal that is reached, Brexit has the potential to damage the RDF export market.

Teverson detailed the committee’s main concern that if it becomes more difficult, and therefore expensive, to export waste across Europe then this could result in more waste ending up in UK landfill, being illegally dumped or alternatively ending up in non-EU countries where the waste may not be used as efficiently. (more…)


Posted on: 27th Nov 2017

Andusia on the UK Capacity Gap and Infrastructure

This month, Mark Terrell, Andusia’s new General Manager presented at the recent RDF Conference in London. For those of you who were unable to attend the event, this is a summary of Mark’s presentation and the discussion around UK Capacity and Infrastructure in the RDF market.

Following recent reports in the trade press that the RDF exported tonnage figures seem to have plateaued, many UK exporters have responded with an opposite opinion. Andusia have announced a number of new contracts, have extended their team by 4 people and are as busy as ever. However, although less RDF may be being exported there is still a demand and expansion across the UK is required in order to meet this demand.

Figures show that landfill in the UK is beginning to decrease, and although we are building new plants in order to treat our own waste, there are still not enough, causing a capacity gap.

But why is there a capacity gap in the UK? (more…)

UK Waste Capacity Gap