Experts in Recovered Fuels

With our deep knowledge and expertise, we’re at the forefront of the Waste to Energy industry, working with leading WTE plants throughout Central Europe and Scandinavia in order to support the efforts to divert waste from culminating in UK landfill.

Our partners incorporate a wide and diverse range of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants in countries including Germany, Holland, Norway and Sweden. Each has their own requirements for the delivery and presentation of RDF, as well as varying specifications for its composition depending on plant processing needs.

How we can help you:

  • Competitive, fully collected service of waste in curtain-siders, containers, walking floors or bespoke logistics
  • Zero carbon solution – we only use backhaul transport for all our exports (these vehicles would otherwise be returning empty)
  • Delivering RDF to plants in Germany, Holland and Scandinavia. We can even offer more than one outlet to keep collecting your RDF during maintenance and seasonality demands overseas.
  • Collections to suit your business
  • The flexibility of short or long-term contract periods
  • Full TFS application and notification
  • Financial guarantees with Environment Agency
  • Fully transparent audit trail – cradle to grave

Andusia Logistics