What is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste is waste that is a potential threat to public health or the environment. With properties that make it flammable, toxic, corrosive and infectious, producers of such waste are required by law to dispose of their waste in a responsible manner.

Hazardous Waste Specification

Hazardous waste can range from highly flammable materials such as oils, paints, solvents and batteries to clinical waste including drugs, medicines and sharps.

What is its use?

Hazardous waste is largely used across Europe to power cement kilns. Alongside SRF, it directly replaces fossil fuels such as Petcoke and coal and offers an excellent environmentally friendly alternative.

Another reliable and cost-effective solution for hazardous waste is high temperature incineration. This offers a high level of safety and security for hazardous waste disposal and again minimises environmental impact. Heat produced in the incineration process creates steam which can then be used to power turbines, generating electricity.

How is it processed?

Andusia are here to help. With our years of knowledge and expertise in the waste disposal industry we can manage your waste in a safe and responsible manner offering you great peace of mind.

We will ensure that your waste is removed, transported and disposed of efficiently and compliantly. Andusia offer a competitive, fully collected service of waste and deliver to partners in countries including Germany, Holland and Sweden.

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