What are Waste Pellets?

Waste pellets are a highly refined form of SRF. The pellets are drier due to the compacting process that squeezes out water.

As a result, waste pellets typically have a higher CV and are extremely dense. Pellets can be stored and transported loose and are easy to handle.

Waste Pellet Specification

  • Processed waste pellets collected loose
  • CV to be typically >20MJ/kg
  • Size dependent on application – 6mm, 8mm or 10mm

What are their use?

Waste pellets are increasingly being used across Europe to power cement kilns. The pellets are milled together with Petcoke or coal.

The recovery of waste pellets not only helps to power cement kilns but the ash also becomes a key raw ingredient to the cement.

How are they processed?

Waste pellets are processed in much the same way as SRF. It is then dried, further shredded and pelletised.

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