What is Wood Waste?

Approximately 4 million tonnes of waste wood is produced across the UK each year. Following treatment, the waste wood can be converted into Biomass fuel which can be used in energy from waste facilities.

Wood Waste Specification

  • CV = 10 -16 MJ/kg
  • Size = 50mm – 100mm chip
  • Ash = <5%
  • Moisture = 15-30%

What is its use?

Wood waste is mostly used in biomass energy from waste plants where the wood is incinerated which creates heat and electricity.  Wood waste directly replaces virgin wood in these facilities and thus reducing the number of trees being cut down for this purpose.

How is it processed?

Waste wood is cleaned to remove any metal or plastic contamination. The waste wood is then chipped/shredded and screened to produce the correct size for the particular waste wood biomass plant.

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