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Posted on: 5th Apr 2022

To Bale, or Not to Bale, That is the Question

Investing in baling and wrapping machinery can often be a difficult decision with a large initial investment required, but with industry experts predicting RDF export continuing until the end of the decade (as suggested by Tolvik at this year’s EfW conference), it is well worth the long-term savings.

We are currently witnessing a trend of balers coming to the end of their useable life and requiring a second round of investment, but with nervousness stemming from the debate of ‘Is RDF continuing?’, many are scared to make the jump. However, with experts predicting an extended lifetime for RDF, balers would prove to be a cost-effective, safe, and clean approach to waste management.


Posted on: 30th Mar 2022

Andusia Sign Contract Renewal with CSH Environmental

Andusia are thrilled to have signed a new contract with CSH Environmental. The contract agrees on 10,000 tonnes of RDF being exported over an agreed 12-month period.

Serving customers large and small throughout the Colchester, Chelmsford, and Ipswich regions, CSH are trade waste specialists, offering comprehensive disposal and management packages to a wide variety of commercial clients.


Posted on: 16th Mar 2022

Last Boat of the Season Sets Sail

After an extremely successful shipping season, Andusia took a trip to Copenhagen to watch and welcome the arrival of the final boat of the shipping season.

Our final vessel, Lady Ariane, set sail out of Chatham Docks on Saturday 5th March, loaded with 2500 tonnes of baled and wrapped RDF, ready to be used for energy in Copenhagen.

We are proud to have sent 13 bulk vessels to and from various destinations over the last 6 months, resulting in a cumulative weight of 35,000 tonnes of waste being diverted from UK landfill and being exported for energy.


Posted on: 14th Mar 2022

Stoke Hazardous Waste Plant Reaches Construction Completion

Andusia are pleased to report that Stoke has hit a major milestone and has officially reached construction completion.

Stoke is the largest single line clinical waste plant built in the UK for 20 years, creating a state-of-the-art facility to treat clinical and other hazardous waste streams safely and effectively, whilst generating electricity that will be put into the local grid.


Posted on: 7th Mar 2022

Working Towards a More Standardised Future

To demonstrate our commitments towards continual improvement, Andusia are currently in the process of gaining accredited certification to ISO Standards 9001 and 14001. Despite having rigorous processes already, we are currently working to formalise our procedures, drawing out opportunities for improvement.


Posted on: 23rd Feb 2022

swb and Andusia Sign Contract Renewal

Andusia are over the moon to have signed a new contract with swb. This multiple service contract offers a variation of transport methods comprising of trailers, containers, and bulk ships throughout the duration of the 12-month contract.

swb AG, located in Bremen, Germany, is part of the Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Industry. swb AG supplies the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven with natural gas, district heating, drinking water, electricity, and waste disposal services.