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Posted on: 4th Feb 2021

Andusia Celebrates 9 Years

This month, Andusia are proud to be celebrating their 9th anniversary.

Since Andusia’s launch in 2012, the company quickly established themselves as the UK’s largest independent exporter of RDF waste across Europe. Nine years on and Andusia have extended their expertise and expanded into other areas of the waste industry – both in Europe and closer to home here in the UK.


Posted on: 26th Jan 2021

Treatment of Infectious Waste by Alternative Treatment

The management and treatment of infectious waste can be a challenge for the healthcare industry. With clinical waste categorised into many types such as offensive waste, orange bag, yellow bag and red lidded boxes to name a few, each requires to be stored and often processed differently.

Waste streams considered highly infectious, mainly in yellow bags or orange/yellow lidded boxes containing sharps, must go for high temperature incineration. Traditional energy from waste plants are not permitted or designed to dispose of it and such waste has to be incinerated at a much higher temperature of 1,110C.


Posted on: 11th Jan 2021

Malvern Plant Construction Hit by Delays

The outbreak of Covid-19 has proven a challenging time for many industries, including construction. The completion of a new clinical waste treatment plant in Malvern, Worcestershire, was hit by construction delays at the end of last year, predominantly due to Covid-19, however Andusia are pleased to report that the plant has now entered into the penultimate stages.


Posted on: 11th Jan 2021

Two New Clinical Waste Plants to Aid Disposal of Covid Waste

The New Year may not have started as we all imagined and hoped for, but with an additional vaccine and a roll out plan in place, maybe there is light at the end of the very long tunnel.

At an extremely challenging time for the NHS, and with two new clinical waste treatment plants coming online in the UK this year, Andusia are here to help to with the safe disposal of the increase in clinical waste.


Posted on: 5th Jan 2021

Andusia Appointed Supplier

Andusia Hazchem Treatment are pleased to confirm they have been accepted onto the Government’s Building Cleaning Services DPS (Dynamic Purchasing System) as an Appointed Supplier.

Director, Mark Terrell, comments ‘We are very pleased to have been confirmed as an appointed supplier. It means we are now easily accessible to relevant Government departments, public sector organisations and contracting authorities to offer our hazardous and clinical waste disposal services.’


Posted on: 8th Dec 2020

Malvern Accepts Its First Clinical Waste Load

Worcestershire’s new clinical waste treatment plant in Malvern has taken its first clinical waste load this week.

The out of date flu vaccines were sent for high temperature treatment to make space in a cold storage warehouse for a new vaccine. This method of disposal offers a high level of safety and security for clinical and hazardous waste and minimises environmental impact.